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Rhi Hibbert

Rhi Hibbert is a fat, queer, non-binary artist, born and based in Greater Manchester. Their work discusses the relationship between the body, sexuality, and gender identity to challenge the heteronormative gaze. Their work resists the sexualisation and fetishsation of the male gaze and instead offers a perspective of the body as an asexual composition of form and colour. Presenting snippets of the body as painterly landscapes, employing bold colour palettes and confident mark-making to inspect the details of the figure.

Meet Andi.

Meet Andi (they/she) a non-binary trans femme artist in the UK, predominantly working in oil and graphite.Their art practice focuses around trans joy and centring queer and trans bodies in traditional art forms. The paintings from this series being shown are part of an exploration of father/parenthood of trans masculine people.

In addition to vivid colour palettes, the topic Andi’s work covers are often overlooked - even among queer populations. Work such as this challenges us to provoke, discuss and come together to support our most under-supported folk within queer communities.

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