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George Avill

George Avill is a trans-masculine visual artist that utilises the mediums of performance art, portrait photography and the production of community initiative’s as a vehicle of celebrating the nuance of the transgender identity. This sounds dry but they have been known to provoke a room full of trans+ people to give each other little kisses.

Where do you find a voice to giggle in a world that dismisses your ability to have perspective? Who do you find hot and where do you have sex in a world that renders you sexless and predatory? George offers a place to sit down on a mostly fictional chair where you can come and put your feet up and someone will lovingly lick at your toes. If you want them to.

Your choice.

Choose the perfect queer wall art. Fetish photography, sassy captions or both. Our art makes a great gift too.

Made with ❤️ in London.

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Packaged with care and shipped worldwide. We ship beautiful queer art from the UK, EU, US & Aus so you can fill your home quickly.

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