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CUQF is a collective of queers, farmers and queer farming fans. Our work explores queer bodies experiencing pleasure in spaces we are traditionally unwelcome, we are particularly interested in reclaiming space in the rural context. Through act, imagery and hot fun times.


Breaking down familial boundaries with gender queer, animal, fuckery!! oink oink mooing our way into this green and unpleasant land. These pieces are part of an ongoing project on the family farm (thanks xox) of one of our members and we sincerely hope that our work can act as a bridge across these traditionally disparate worlds to bring folks who love rural farming and hot queers together. Maybe we can awaken some buried desires in you…

Your choice.

Choose the perfect queer wall art. Fetish photography, sassy captions or both. Our art makes a great gift too.

Made with ❤️ in London.

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Packaged with care and shipped worldwide. We ship beautiful queer art from the UK, EU, US & Aus so you can fill your home quickly.

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