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Andreas L. (he/him) is a Czechoslovak artist, printmaker, zinemaker, and writer. He is a gay trans man, and his work centers transmasculinity and queerness. As an artist, he mostly paints using gouache and oils, and as a printmaker, his preferred techniques are lino and riso printing. He is scheduled to publish his first novella in 2025. Currently, he is drawn to exploring the intersection of horror and transness.

I have three pieces that represent the different media and styles that I work in most often. The first piece is a lino print of two gay trans men - here I wanted to make something that showed the sexiness of trans bodies that are hairy and chubby and generally seen as less desirable by society. The second piece is an oil painting of my stomach several months on testosterone - stomach hair was one of the first changes that I saw, and is still one of my favourite ones. The third piece is a gouache painting based on an 1800s surgical illustration depicting mastectomy, reinterpreted by myself as top surgery.

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